1st Urban Regiment defending Romulus.

The 1st Urban Defense Regiment sounds like a small and inexperienced militia to many, however they are professional soldiers who excel in urban warfare.


The 1st Urban Defense Regiment was first formed around 2415. Many of those who joined had experience with defending C.C.C. cities from the continuing Helghast advance and had lots of experience with urban warfare. Their first official foray into battle was in Shadowridge in the front lines. Although there was only a fraction of the legion in the town itself, they were determined to make sure the Helghast will have to go through hell in order to take it. Firing from buildings, they escorted the civilians out of the town while holding off the Helghast legions, and after taking out many Helghast from both the 9th and 105th Legions, they retreated from Shadowridge to fortify one of Vostok's main cities.

They quickly became infamous across Helghast legions for the destruction of the 28th Momento Legion during a full-on assault on the main capital of Romulus. It was said that during the 28th Momento Legion's assault on the city, the 1st Urban Regiment had whittled down their numbers down to so little with their defenses that the Legion had to be disbanded, and the few who did survive were transferred to other legions.

Tactics and WeaponsEdit

The 1st Urban Defense Regiment uses many stationary weapons to protect cities. They often set up AA systems across the cities, making air support nearly useless. They always had vehicles in order to transport such defense systems across regions quickly and efficiently. They also set up many MG nests and artillery guns lining areas where vehicles can enter. Then, to top off the defense, they used snipers, who were hidden with a sort of cheap, but effective, grey camouflage to blend in with the urban environment, in order to pick off Helghast infantry from above. They were a force to be reckoned with, and often had means of escape using motorbikes and other light vehicles, should the enemy decide to simply bombard the city due to their inability to take the city by sheer force alone. This made the enemy waste valuable and destructive weapons in places where they should have been able to take the area using conventional means.


  • The regiment is considered "cowardly" by many Helghast officers, due to their ability to quickly escape places if they had to.
  • Despite their power, their one weakness is that in order to set up such a formidable defense, they needed time the enemy may not necessarily grant.