The latest design of the CRAWLR designed as immobile long range artillery.

The CRAWLR is an adaptation of the Helghast MAWLR by the C.C.C.

History and OriginEdit

During the height of the Cold War between the Helghast and the C.C.C., the C.C.C. commissioned a unit of spies to steal schematics of Helghast vehicles by infiltrating their base and disguising themselves to blend in with Helghast troops there. This was due to the lack of the previous vehicles due to the destruction of the ISA. One of them made it back with the copy of a blueprint of the MAWLR, one of the Helghast's largest armored vehicles and forms of artillery. Although it took them a long time, they managed to add their own adaptations in order to improve it and use it against them. They came into later use during the war, when they were able to observe what the MAWLR's strengths and weaknesses are during their battles in the Northern Vostok Mountains.


The CRAWLR was designed to be a miniature version of the giant hulking walker that the MAWLR was, trading power for mobility and maneuverability. It is still far from small by the standards of most artillery, however it is still much smaller than it's predecessor and was designed to be able to move more easily, dodging artillery shots while still retaining a large amount of firepower. The latest design was equipped with 24/BB-1 prototype shielding technology, allowing it to sustain far more damage before it begins damaging the vehicle itself.


They created multiple designs, some with more improvements, others with completely different purposes.

Version 1: A miniature version of the MAWLR with less armor and more maneuverability.

Version 2: Same amount of maneuverability with more armor and extra cannons fitted.

Version 3: Prototype shield modified to fit into the CRAWLR, only certain modified weapons can be fired while the shield is active.

Version 4: Shield has been modified to block enemy fire from coming in, but able to allow any form of fire to come out of the shield. Additional cannons added.