Eden is a star system that is stable and spectrally similar to the Sun. At distance of just under 12 light-years from the Solar System, it is a relatively nearby star, and is the closest solitary G-class star, Tau Ceti. As the Najenmiks Hunt for the 21st legion escalated, with more and more legionaries being killed, Tikverin chose the system to become the primary hub for the PLH, due to it's distance from the Empire and the fact that the Najenmik did not know of it's existence yet. Today the system is partially controlled by Helghan Empire

By 2413, the Helghan Empire prohibited traffic due to mercenary activity, mainly from the PLH and the Second Crystern Union. However after the PLH reformed within the Empire, it became a home for mercs who want to make deals with the Helghast.


Eden contains 6 planets. 2 which are habitable, Taru a jungle planet and Vearible, a ice world like Akmir however some parts of the planet has more extreme weather conditions with volcanic activity and harsher blizzards. 3 of the planets are gas giants and unfortunately with no inhabited moons, Corf, Daleeinth and Giller. The last planet is Sheol, a Mercury size planet but much closer to the star and it's a inhospitable volcanic planet.

PLH discovered a dwarf planet in 2404 and named it Vancure. Vancure is coverd in ice and water likely from a comet. PLH built many training facilities on the dwarf planet. Another dwarf planet was found by the PLH in 2409 and named it Ladex. In 2413 the PLH allowed the Union to build bases on Ladex.