The Huntsmen were an unofficial part of the Helghast military, formed after the end of the Third Extrasolar War.

Function and PurposeEdit

Imperial Huntsmen were technically neither civilian nor military, but usually deferred to either when they were called upon. The primary purpose of these units was to track down and
Fossil Soldier
kill specimens of the largest and most aggressive predators within a world that was recently colonized by the Empire. They were always stationed with the first wave colonists that were initially deployed, while the civilians set up basic infrastructure and roads, the Huntsmen would protect and observe them, waiting for any creatures that could pose a threat to show themselves. Once the initial settlements were established, the Hunstmen would band together in groups of four and head out into the wilds to track and eliminate specimens of the most dangerous predators within the local biosphere, to be brought back to the Imperial research stations within the colonies and studied by the scientists and doctors within. While not exactly legal, most Hunstmen were also more than willing to track and kill exotic or particularly rare creatures if offered enough money, and a small handful would even work as assassins or bounty hunters, if the Huntsman was a particularly ruthless one.

Relations with other UnitsEdit

Huntsmen generally got along and worked well with the Helghast military, so long as they weren't attached to a portion of Brutus' men. This mistrust and dislike stemmed from the fact that most Hunstmen were formed from men who had grown up idolising the Najenmik of their Empire, and grew a strong contempt towards Brutus for his well known hatred of the unit. As a symbol of good faith, and to help mend relations between the Empire and the other powers, many Huntsmen took it upon themselves to travel to recently settled IWC or CCC worlds and assist with taming the local wildlife, typically for lower sums than they would in the Empire. The Helghast government noticed this, and would unofficially compensate the Huntsmen for assisting the Empires' public image.