"Nikolao Konstantine? Hell, he's the Leonardo Da Vinci of those big bloodthirsty brutes, I bet without him their entire navy wouldn't be able to do shit to us."

-ISA Engineer on Nikolao Konstantine

Nikolao Konstantine

A young Nikolao as an engineer in protective gear.

Nikolao Konstantine was the chief engineer of the Helghast Navy, and was responsible for many of the upgrades made for the Helghast Navy later on in the Second Extrasolar War.


Nikolao Konstantine was born in the year 2347 into a family of high ranking Helghast officers, many of whom commanded the battalions of Helghast preparing for the invasion of Vekta at the time. They wanted him to follow in his family's footsteps and enroll in the Helghast Officers Academy. Though he was loyal to the Helghast cause, he did not want to pursue a career in the military and wanted to pursue a career in engineering, as it was where his talents were more suited. Although his family was shocked and upset at his decision, he stuck to it, despite threats from his father, a zealous Helghast officer to disown him. He ignored them and became an engineer for ship design for the Helghast Navy.


The speed of his promotions in the engineering division was astonishing, as he gained a reputation as a genius and one of the greatest engineers of his time. He helped create many ways to upgrade ship maneuvering and armor but his crowning achievement was the creation of the Visari Class Battlecruiser. Despite it's expenses, Nikolao and his engineering division received huge amounts of funding from the Autarch himself, realizing that these new starships could be crucial to winning the war. By the end of the Second Extrasolar War, he is considered one of the most admired and revered non-military member of the Helghast Empire.

Post Second Extrasolar WarEdit

Nikolao currently lives with his wife and children in one of the wealthy districts of Helghan, continuing to make ship designs in loyalty to the empire and as a hobby, rather than for money. Also, unknown to the public at large, he was also the creator of The Veil, a highly advanced starship meant for Najenmik veteran Vikar Detrick, but unfortunately the ship wasn't completed until after Vikar became the Overseer of his forces, a non-combat role behind the lines. Because of this, the ship was gifted to Vikars' son, Corde Detrick, who was showing great promise as a rising Najenmik Agent.


Konstantine has a very good relationship with the Detrick family, and worked very hard to create the Veil for their son so that he may travel safely. He enjoys working on ships and is very loyal to the Helghast Empire. However, although he believed the Second Extrasolar War was justified, he has doubts about the purpose of this current war, as it seemed unnecessary to him.