"I hear they can wipe out an entire platoon if them snipers in the PLH are smarter is enough. Glad I don't have to be sent to Taru."

-A helghast soldier

Prime Legion Heaven Desert Rangers (PLHDR) also known as PLH Desert Rangers, PLH Rangers or just Desert Rangers is a
PLH Desert Ranger on Taru

The PLH Desert Ranger armor on Taru.

scout unit in Prime Legion Heaven. They were stationed at Trylon IV but now on Taru. They are known to have excellent marksmanship skills even better than the Tree Snipers.


Tikverin Marvidakis needed men who were specially trained for battle and survival in desert areas of Trylon IV. So Kizer Takent (Second-In-Command of the legion) established and led the PLH Desert Rangers in 2390.
PLH patrol

A PLH Desert Ranger patrolling on Trylon IV in 2390.

By 2399, The Desert Rangers have over 14,500 scouts.

12,000 PLH Desert Rangers died from the Eschaton Virus. The other 2,000 left with Kakent. The Desert Rangers now work in desert parts in Taru.

In 2414 Kizer retired from the legion.

As of 2415, there are over 14,000 rangers on Taru.


PLH Desert Rangers usually patrol alone though they do work in pares in missions. They are excellent spies, survivalists, marksmen, and thus they are regarded as the finest snipers in service to the legion.

Their wide-range of skills inevitably created feelings of pride and self-importance amongst the Desert Rangers. As a consequence of their bravado, they developed a fierce rivalry with their infantry counterparts, as well as everyone else in the legion who was of equal or lower rank.


PLH Desert Rangers received special training in order to become efficient survivalists who were equipped with an array of
PLH Desert Ranger

The old PLH Desert Ranger armor used in 2390 through 2302.

equipment and supplies to aid in their missions.

Most of them wore light armored variants, the armor was designed to give their wearers maximum movement and flexibility in any situation, especially combat. However, since the PLH does not have an official armor, they rangers can buy or customized their own.