Earth, the formerly most important planet within the Sol System.

The Sol Protectorate Is home to the now dead homeworld of humanity, Earth, and is the seat of power for Mars.


The Sol Protectorate was originally the home cradle of the UCN, the former dominant galactic superpower before the Second Extrasolar War. After the Fall of the UCN and Mars' rise to prominence, the system entered the C.C.C. as a protective measure against the expansionist Helghast Empire near their borders.

While initially the C.C.C. gave the system a safety measure against imperial aggression, the onset of the Third Extrasolar War brought many impracticalities of this alliance to light; the C.C.C. were on the other side of the Empire from Mars, and had no real capability to offer military support in the chance of an invasion, and the inevitable C.C.C. demands for raw materials to fuel their war machine put a great deal of stress upon the still devastated system. This, coupled with increasing reports of Imperial spycraft and patrol vessels encroaching upon the system, convinced the Martian government to open their own individual line of dialogue with the Empire.

Under the Mars Accord, The system is brought under the Imperial Banner as a Protectorate, with self-rule and pure-strain humanity being two key factors within the Protectorates "Special Status" within the Empire.

Martian EraEdit

Under the rule of Helghan-backed Mars, the Sol system has been largely restructured across various political and geographic boundries. Mars is now the de facto capital of the system, a status uncontested by the irreparably devastated Earth. Luna and the Asteroid Belt are official Martian colonies, populated and regulated under Martian law.

Earth has been established as a permanent Helghast military Fortress World, largely as a source of pride for the Empire's conquest over the UCN, but also as a rapid response point for any attempted attacks against Mars. In addition, the Empire is regularly at war with the remaining survivors of Earth, who hold Mars in contempt over their rise on the back of the UCN's downfall just as much as they hold hatred for the Empire itself. the 7,000,000 survivors of Earth are in a never-ending guerrilla war against the Helghast occupiers, and have facilitated a massive breeding program to bolster their numbers; despite this, the horrendous casualties they take in their war against the Empire typically keeps their population in check.​

The New MarsEdit

Following the collapse of the UCN, Mars rose to power under the leadership of Doctor Roland Trace. Trace, a biochemist by trade, became the first Administrator of the Mars Coadjuvant Domain . Following his example, the Martian people invested heavily in science and self-betterment, creating the Mars that would ultimately come near to the C.C.C. in scientific capability. Martian citizens enjoy a great deal of freedom, and, thanks to the common goal of establishing a better future, only petty crime remains in any measurable amount.