The Stahl Arms Energy Heat Blade Series, StA- Energy Heat Blade or simply Heat Blade is a close quarters weapon of the Helghan Empire. The C.C.C. call's the weapons, Energy Swords. They were first released to the Helghast military in 2402 however they were in development since 2381.

Design Details Edit

The first two versions of Heat Blades are silicon carbide and like all the others', it uses thermal energy to burn the opponent. Mark III and onwards is made of diamond. Mark IV can use electrical and kinetic energy to create small barriers that is large enough to protect the user's head and chest only. Mark V is now being develop and Stahl Arms is trying to make it use fabricate flammable gases and adding a failsafe mechanism to it.

All the heat blades are powered by a compact and small reactor. However Stahl Arms said that the Mark V will use new and powerful fusion energy tech. They however might use Petrusite tech instead.

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