The Veil is Corde Detrick's ship, and plays a crucial role in Operation: Daybreak as the Wolfpack's primary headquarters.

Creation and PurposeEdit

The Veil was created by renowned Helghast ship designer, Nikolao Konstantine. Originally meant for Vikar Detrick, the ship took longer than expected to create and was therefore given to his son Corde once finally completed. The Veil is roughly half the size of a
Normandy SR-2
frigate, and was designed as an infiltration and reconnaissance vessel, meant to get elite Helghast assassins in and out of enemy territory undetected. The Empire gave Nikolao unlimited resources in his research and construction of the ship, and as a result, it is one of the most advanced and expensive vessels ever created. This unfortunately makes it too cost-prohibitive to mass produce, and so far, only one has been manufactured, with no current plans to build more in the works.


The Veil has a large arsenal of offensive, defensive and stealth based abilities, which include:

  • VC-214 Anti-Detection frame, prototype technology that makes the ship silent, invisible to the naked eye as well as hidden from virtually all but the most advanced CCC ship detection systems.
  • StA-904 Advanced Petrusite Shielding, protecting the vessel from attacks that would easily destroy ships twice its weight class.
  • StA-82 Long Range Fuel Cells that allow for extremely long distances to be travelled over long periods of time before requiring a refueling.
  • VC-9x14 Gauss Cannon, an experimental weapon firing liquid metal infused with irradiated petrusite. Requires a huge amount of power to use, and has very limited ammo, but can deal devastating damage to ships much larger than itself.
  • Crew compartment allows up to ten personnel, including a ground team of six, to travel in comfort and individual privacy.

Other DetailsEdit

The Veil is 85.6 meters in length and 34 meters wide. As stated above, the Veil is intended to be crewed by 10 in total, only 4 of which are actual shipboard personnel. Under extenuating circumstances however, the Veil is capable of being crewed by twice that number. In extreme cases, the ship could carry up to 50 people for a short duration, but would be incapable of sustaining this number for longer than a single voyage. Ammunition for the primary weapon of the Veil is limited and expensive to create, and at any time the ship only has enough ammo for, at most, a little over a dozen shots before requiring a re-arm. This is because the gauss cannon was always intended as a last resort option, to quickly destroy the most dangerous of pursuers and allow the Veil a window of opportunity to escape.