Vearible is desolate world covered with ice and snow much like Akmir but has more extreme weather conditions with volcanic activity and much harsher blizzards in some areas of the planet.
It is located in the Eden solar system. In 2398, do to the extremely cold weather, Tikverine established Prime Legion Heaven Ice Walkers. Also this is where the PLH held their nukes. Today the Helghast are in control of the planet and it's nukes.

Rumors has it that the planet is covered in ancient alien ruins but none was found by the PLH.

Vearible wolvesEdit

Vearible homes to a wolf like animals but much bigger and dangerous. The Ice Walkers discovered them in 2406 while being attacked. They are known to slowly hunt down their prey while trying to find a weakness. The average size is about big as siberian tigers and a the alpha male is about size as a polar bear.